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Follow Your Passion

The key to a successful life lies in following your passions. When you do this the Universe responds in a dynamic way. This can only occur when one is fully engaged. We are taught from the time we are young to be practical to carefully consider the why and the how of things. This, my friends is a waste of precious time. The clue to each of our destinies lies in recognizing our deepest passions and becoming fully engaged in them. Give no thought as to how they might be realized the Universe is far more capable in this regard then we could ever hope to be. Just so you don't think I'm talking through my hat I am going to give you a stellar example that illustrates exactly what I'm talking about. This story is true from beginning to end.

I have some friends that have a home on an Island in Canada. They tried for thirty years to get me to go there and for thirty years I thwarted their efforts. After thirty years I just couldn't deny their pleas any longer and I agreed to go. To say that I fell in Love with the place simply doesn't describe the depth of my passion. It was truly like coming home. When I left that Island two weeks later I knew that I must return. It was like a constant yearning in my soul. I returned again the following year and I knew in every fiber of my being that this was the place I belonged. On the last day of my stay I was leaving the beach when I ran into some folks I had become aquainted with. We talked about their beautiful Island and I told them then and there that I would be back to stay. The woman recognized the absolute certainty (remember those two words) with which I made this statement. The following year I made a quick trip to the Island in the spring and the transmission failed in my car. Under ordinary conditions this would have caused me a great deal of stress but I was certain that there was a reason far beyond the obvious for this otherwise troubling event.

Through the aid of friends I made it back safe and sound and they took care of getting my car repaired. I borrowed a car from my Brother that he was not using and went about my normal routine. To backtrack just a little about four years prior to this I placed a piece of property I owned up for sale. The property simply would not sell so I made a decision to take it off the market, which I promptly did. Two weeks later I received a call from the realtor who said he had some folks who wanted the property. I told him if they wanted it that was fine but I was not willing to negotiate on price. He called back the next day to inform me that they had agreed to pay the asking price and went about the business of taking care of the paperwork and arranging the closing. In the meantime the repairs on my car had been completed and I was to go and pick it up in two weeks. This is the gospel my friends I closed on the property the day before I left for the Island and off I went with check in hand. Pay close attention now as the story unfolds. I spent an entire week riding around the Island searching for a piece of property. The prices were steep to say the least and I began to become discouraged. The eighth day I was taking another ride around the Island and came upon a lovely little house sitting up on a hill with a wonderful view of the ocean.

My friend who was with me urged me to stop and take a look, and so I did. We looked the place over and I could see that it had a new roof and had been recently painted and some windows had been replaced. When we arrived back at the home of friends we were staying with they asked if I had found anything and I told them about the little house with the water views. They told me it was the first place they ever stayed when they came to the Island. They told me to go back and get the phone number and so I did. When I returned with the number they handed me the phone and told me to call and so I did. I simply couldn't believe my ears when she told me the asking price. I told her I would like to do an inspection of the house and she agreed to have her Father meet me there the next morning. Upon inspecting the house I discovered that it had a new water pump and pressure tank a new furnace a new septic a good well and the house was structurally sound. I also discovered there was eight acres of property with the house and that the property included shore frontage.

I called the woman back and (what nerve) made an offer on the property. She called back fifteen minutes later with a counter offer in the exact amount that I had determined I would pay. The story goes on with mind, blowing synchronicity. Remember my passion? Remember my absolute certainty? These are the things the Universe responds to. Don't try and figure out how it will happen you'll only get in the way of things. Engage your passion and know with certainty and the universe will respond in ways you can't even imagine.

To Your Success

The Island Outlaw


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