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The Universal Law of Attraction Never, Ever Goes On Strike

There are numerous sources on the store bookshelves and the Internet that cover the topic of how our Consciousness shapes our reality through thought and feeling.

.. and it's easy to glaze over it when you've read it over and over:

Like Attracts Like, and staying focused on a single goal gets you to that goal.

And what eventually happens after reading enough material on this, is that this constant re-hash of this principle of The Law Of Attraction can start to blur on your scale of importance. It just loses its position on your radar.

You might then make the mistake of seeing these Universal principles as merely: Inspirational and Feel-Good. The new ideas then start sounding old, and they get relegated to merely being something that promote a "Positive Attitude" and "something I will try out some day".

The Law of Attraction is always at work in your life every second of every minute. It doesn't stop working just because you quickly make a mental note to "get back into these techniques" later, and then close a particular book you're reading on these concepts.

You are an electromagnetic being Attracting that which you ARE, vibrationally-speaking, all the time.

One of my favorite websites has concrete techniques that supercharge your clarity on a particular objective you have, and at times I will close my internet browser without doing anything, promising myself to use a particular technique later.

But it is faulty to expect that the Universal Principle - that supplies the power behind this technique - will "turn off" while I go about the rest of my day generating feelings of being a victim and thinking thoughts of being deprived of what I want.

It's always "ON", and ... Even If I *DO* faithfully immerse myself in positive feelings by doing a Gratitude List in the morning, if I then later that day silently wish that the next door neighbor's new Infinite gets scratched so that I will feel better about not having one, what do you think my world will be like? That goes for all other thoughts of scarcity, jealousy, and judgements about others throughout the day.

So what I'm doing is basically applying the Universal Laws against me to a seriously detrimental and negative result. And this is what the vast majority of the people on this planet are doing: taking as evidence what they see in the current physical circumstances to prove what gifts that the gods decided they are worthy of receiving.

It is not an exaggeration to say that most people are in a Trance of believing that they are not the Source of their own environment and circumstances. They look for the Truth - outside in the material world - instead of inside themselves and in who are they are Being.

By "doing Life" this way, they are magnetizing more of this evidence, using their own allotment of the Infinite Power available to everyone.

Why not use this Power, consciously, to create a life worth waking up at 5AM every morning for? There will never be an instance when a Cosmic "Judge" decides that you have been unconsciously creating your life for too many years, and that because of that, you have to wait for another chance, in another life somewhere, some other time.

It's a dependable, immutable LAW that when you change Who You Are Being (through your vibratory thought frequency), even if you're 115 years old, you begin attracting a new set of circumstances that match that new quality of Being.

If you are still alive with pumping blood, your Earthly life is being shaped by the frequencies of your thoughts, but more so the emotionally-carved beliefs that act as 24/7 thought- generators attracting those material equivalents.

Ironically, you are so Powerful, as a Spark of the Divinity that Are, you could actually decide to believe that you are unworthy of receiving the gifts available from this Invisible Source.

In summary, knowing that you have the unlimited power to create your circumstances, is a good first step. Living these principles, however, will transform your world.

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