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Living Life to the Full: 20 Steps

1. Emotion: We are emotional creatures and as in all things avoid excess.

2. Do not hurry. Do not react to a "situation" whilst emotional. Always sleep on it for a day or two. A situation that needs to be settled immediately - quite simply it does not. It can wait.

3. Set goals. We need something to look forward too

4. Trust: we are not islands we must trust others. The secret is in choosing ones inner circle wisely.

5. Let your hurts go: it is just easier that way.

6. Seek wise council. Never listen to you heart when making an important decision. This is allowing emotions to rule your life and it is dangerous.

7. Network with others. The secret to success is always who you know.

8. The more pressure you are under the slower you must go.

9. Expect and embrace change as it brings success.

10. Develop a thick skin in life but don't become hard

11. Live every day to its full potential - this does not mean be as busy as possible - think about it. There are times to do nothing can be the most productive.

12. Do not blame others for your calamities [do not whine it is not attractive]

13. Live your own life and share it. Do not depend on other to live your life.

14. Find a soul mate with whom you can share you thoughts.

15. Look at your self first and do not be critical of others

16. There is more to life than highs and lows. Don't live life according to the next peak or the next valley. The small things in life are wonderful too.

17. Respect yourself but be not proud. No one loves the self seeking and proud

18. Look inward for happiness and then share it with others

19. Do not allow miserable feelings into your heart - take time to count your blessings.

20. Truly you place you own limitation - and remember one persons weakness is another's strength.

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