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Invisible Braces, Viable Solutions

Invisible braces, like Invisalign, are most popular among adults. For children and young teens, having traditional braces cemented to their teeth is almost a rite of passage. Wearing braces is so common among pre-teens and teens that it's completely socially acceptable. A young woman or young man may not enjoy their braces, and they may not like having to go to the orthodontist's office, but they won't feel embarrassed by their braces.

The same cannot be said for adults. As an adult, wearing metal dental braces can be extremely embarrassing. This is especially true for adults who work, and whose work is effected by their image. If you sell cars, teach children, try cases in front of a jury or work in any other field where you need to communicate face to face, wearing braces will be a liability. Then again, having noticeably gapped teeth is a liability, too.

Invisible Braces, Viable Solutions
Fortunately, adults with crooked or gapped teeth have a number of options at their disposal. Some turn to invisible braces, which resemble retainers more than they resemble traditional braces. These plastic aligners are not precisely "invisible", but they are, at least, clear. A new aligner is created for the wearer every two weeks, making this process both costly and time-consuming. Invisible braces like Invisalign take an average of nine to 15 months to work, although they may take longer.

Adults with gapped teeth, rather than crooked teeth, have a better invisible alternative. These folks can wear our ingenious Teeth Effects Bands that actually pull teeth toward each other, effectively closing a gap. Our bands are remarkably low cost, and have been proven to take only days or weeks to work.

Please visit to close your gap simply by wearing a band around your teeth.

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