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Who Are You Really?

'Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.'--Doris Mortman.

Who do you think you are? When asked 'Who are you?' how do you identify yourself? By your job title, your family position, your status and standing, your name? But who are you really? What is at the core of you, the centre of your being, the essence of you? What makes you the unique person that you are? What distinguishing attributes make you the individual you are? And once you have identified who you are, are you content with what you find?

If I were to ask you what your qualities were, could you answer me? What is it about you that makes you you? Is it the way you look? 'I am tall.' 'I have auburn hair.' The way you talk? Are you the product of the school you went to, the family you were raised by? Or have you realized that in you there are characteristics and a uniqueness that is purely your own? At the heart of you is an exceptional being that is one of a kind, unable to be replicated anywhere in the world or beyond. Are you prepared to let that individuality shine through?

Many labels are given to you throughout your life, but just because others have applied those labels to you, does not make them true, or, if they seem true, are they really describing the real you, or the person you have been acting as? Have you been putting on a show for others - because you think that's what is expected of you? Do the labels simplify what is really a complex being? Within you you will experience many varied and different emotions and feelings, sometimes at odds with each other. However, those emotions and feelings don't make you any particular thing, they are just messages that help you identify how you are experiencing the world. You can listen to them and learn from them, or ignore them and carry on as you were.

If I asked you to describe yourself, what would you say? Are the words you use your own, or are they echoes of what others have said about you - parents, teachers, employers etc. Who would you like to be? And I don't mean Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Terri Hatcher etc. I am talking about someone who is confident, or decisive, loving, lovable, full of energy and vigour, or any other positive characteristic you can think of. What is stopping you being that person? If you had those qualities what difference would it make to your life and your relationships?

By taking action to add those qualities into your persona, you can become that person. What do you need to do to make it become a reality? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other people and find yourself wanting, or does your desire to be something or someone else come from within? How about thinking what it is about that person that makes you want to be like them, and then practice using that aspect of them for yourself? But then again, are those features truly an expression of the authentic you, or just what you think others would like you to be?

So let me ask you again - who are you really?

Kate Harper is based in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Check out her website

She works with people who are fed up with moaning about their lives and have decided to do something about it. If that is you, please take a look at Kate's website. Her special interest is in promoting Wellbeing through coaching. She is happy to work with people from any part of the world.

"The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult." Madame Marie du Deffand

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