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Any Woman Can Become a Modern Goddess and Attract Good Things With Ease

The Great Goddess may be an ancient echo in the collective unconscious of the human race, but her legacy still lives in every woman. Today's woman is rediscovering her inherent female strengths and creating a new model of feminine power: the "Modern Goddess."

The 20th century ushered in the modern era of more freedom and more rights for women. Another big push came in the 1960's and 1970's with the "Women's Liberation" movement, which helped to open up more opportunities for women to work in previously male-dominated fields.

We focused so intently on getting money and position and things that we lost sight of what it really means to be female. We forgot that men are meant to serve us. We forgot how to be gracious and serene. That is why, now that we have entered the 21st century and the next millennium, it's time for us to take another leap forward and become proud examples of the truly Modern Goddess. Cultivating the proper Goddess attitude naturally attracts good into your life. Struggle becomes a thing of the past. With the right attitude you can harness the flow of good that is your god-given right and ride it gracefully toward your desires.

The Four Pillars
The Four Pillars of the Modern Goddess are the foundation on which your new life is built. As you create and cultivate the Four Pillars in yourself, your life begins to move and change in magical and mysterious ways. To be a woman is to be an earthbound vessel for the unseen power that is the true nature of our reality. That power is meant to be honored and cherished, as is every woman on this planet. The Four Pillars give us some simple guidelines for remembering how beautiful and special each one of us is.

Pillar I: Never Rush.
A Goddess has time for everything that is important to her. She stays calm and relaxed. If you are stressed out and harried, stop and take a deep breath. You always have all the time you need if you believe you do. Learn how to say no. Don't over-commit yourself. Live life at your own pace.

Pillar II: Never Worry.
A Goddess knows that she always has everything she needs. Worry is needlessly borrowing trouble from the future. She knows that things always have a way of working themselves out if we allow them to. She has a deep and abiding faith that God is her source and she always has enough.

Pillar III: Receive Graciously.
A Goddess graciously receives all gifts and compliments with a simple, "thank you." She never belittles or criticizes herself or her accomplishments. When someone wants to give you something or help you, accept the gift with a smile. A Goddess always remembers that allowing men to assist and serve her is the gift she gives to them.

Pillar IV: Appreciate Continually.
Accept and appreciate all the good that comes to you, especially the little things. Whatever you appreciate increases. Make it a habit to say, "how usual!" whenever something good happens to you. The more you express your gratitude, the more good the universe sends your way.

How Usual
Most people react to something good happening to them as an out- of-the-ordinary event. How often have you said, "I don't believe it!" or, "that's amazing!" when you receive a delightful surprise. Words and thoughts have great power, so if your words convey to the universe that this is an unusual occurrence, it will comply. Your subconscious will make sure that "it's amazing" that anything good ever happens to you.

In our house we have adopted a more positive way of responding. My husband and I love to exclaim (often in unison), "how usual!" whenever something good happens to either of us whether it is a parking spot, a good news phone call, or a nice fat check in the mail. Receiving good is "how usual" in our life because we are in the habit of mentally creating it. Why not get into the "how usual!" habit yourself. Let the universe know that receiving good is a regular, everyday thing for you, too. "How usual!"

Today these Four Pillars are the foundation of my everyday life. They are all ingrained in me as habits of thinking and action. Not only do they make daily living a joy, they also make it possible to attract a great man who thinks the same way. It should be no surprise to you that my husband has these very same habits and beliefs. You, too, can attract wonderful people and good things into your life by adopting the Four Pillars as your own.

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