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How To Use Affirmations To Create Prosperity?

Dear Internet friend. Each human being is an incredible piece of sowtware. Each one of us has been "programmed" in a certain way. This program runs our lives 24 hours a day, and will govern our entire life.

But who was the programmer? Of course you were not alone in it, it was a "joint venture" between you and the society. By society, I mean, your parents, friends, teachers, coleagues etc. Your program runs every aspect of your life, right from your physical appearance to the amount of money you earn. In this article I will discuss how this program affects your money matters. The part of the program which decides your financial success is called as "Money Consciousness".

In a single sentence I would say that "you will earn how much you believe you can earn." This clearly means that you have programmed yourself to earn the amount of money you are earning now. There is a code running constantly in your mind which governs your actions when you try to earn money. It is your belief system about the whole aspect of money which decides your financial fortune.

A person with "poor" money consciousness has an underlying emotion about money and that's "fear". Fear of losing money is what governs their financial ability.

These people always think that there is never enough money with me, and their mind picks up the message, which reflects in outward reality.

There is one more major emotion, which drives their mind. They think that earning too much money is bad or money brings problems with it. So they never think about the possibilities money can bring in their lives, and accept a conservative lifestyle.

Our mind is like a magnet. It will attract exactly the same circumstances and opportunities which are in tune with what we believe to be true. So if a person believes money is bad, his mind will recreate exactly the same situations in his real world experience which will reaffirm his belief that "money is bad."

In such a way this person goes on believing day after day and keeps himself away from all the riches which he probably deserves.

Now the question is, is there any way to get out this? Of course and the answer is AUTOSUGGESTIONS.

What are autosuggestions?

Autosuggestion is a technique to train your mind either consciously or unconsciously to believe a particular statement to be true. Autosuggestions can be used to "reprogram" whatever we have been learning from the day we were born and mould ourselves to believe a new set of "commands" to a paint a new picture of ourselves and eventually the world around us.

If we use the techniques of autosuggestion to change the false beliefs about money, it directly affects our financial situation. If used positively a person can start changing his financial situations in as less as one month.

There are many methods by which this can be easily done. I will discuss one method here.

Put posters on walls of your bedroom, with affirmative statements. This poster(s) should be clearly visible to you. You can also use the same poster in you office or the place your work. The bottom line is your mind must be kept alarmed about a new command more often until it starts believing it to be true.

If you can convince your mind to obey the new affirmation then you are done. If used positively autosuggestions can be an excellent way to take charge of our lives to in any unhappy situation.

Remember that never use negative statements. Because your mind will believe it to be true and recreate the reality which is negative for you. There are two major point you should remember while framing your affirmations or autosuggestions.

1)Always use "I" in your statement
2)Keep the statement in present tense.

Thus autosuggestions can be used to change any unhappy situation in our life such as personal relationships, finances, health, bad habits etc.

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

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