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Looking to Where the Grass is Greener?

I've written this article specifically for individuals contemplating change with the idea of making things better, brighter and different. This change could be anything from relationship/s, career, to relocating somewhere else (having a sea change is an example). It could also be in the form of personal development through attending courses, reading and networking.

Whatever it is for you, it may possibly be that what you're searching for is available to you right now, with no need to look very far. It's called inner peace and with it comes a change of perspective - looking at life in a different way. A state of being that will allow you to 'get on with it' regardless of what's happening in your external environment.

Basically, inner peace is a state of mind where you're not impacted by external circumstances, you simply just 'are'. Whenever I step into peace no issue agitates me, I have no attachment to anything; I just am. Quite simply, it's peaceful, serene.

Inner peace? It sounds pretty clichéd I know, but it is just that, peace on the inside whilst around you chaos reigns. For me the inside bit is the place I'd rather be. I liken it to watching a game of football from a front row seat. I can see how I relate to others and them to me, in my social, work, spiritual, and family life. I can also see the never ending possibilities of what life has to offer. This is where I get the big picture stuff.

It's a place I love visiting to rebalance, regenerate, and centre myself. When I return and again become aware of my physical environment, the clarity to see how things really are is almost blinding. Clarity: when there is total clearness about everything and anything. It's when actions are totally understood as well as the consequences of those actions.

I've personally yearned for change and have observed others with same. This desire for change can become all encompassing and when change fails to happen the way we'd like it to, or thought it would be, the disappointment can lead to hopelessness and in some ways be emotionally crippling.

The adage 'The grass is greener on the other side of the fence' is not necessarily true. I've been there done that, although I failed to buy the t-shirt. All I needed mostly was a different way of looking at my situation.

If you're contemplating creating major change in your life think carefully about why you want it in the first place. Maybe a different perspective is all the change that's required.

Give yourself some time to truthfully answer and reflect on the following questions:

1. What would happen if I started to create change for myself?

2. What would happen if I left things unchanged?

3. Who will I become through having that change happen?

4. What needs to happen for me to truly get the most out of life?

5. Where will I be, and what will I be doing once I've changed what I wanted to?

6. How will this change affect your family and other areas of your life?

7. What would happen if you changed your attitude?

8. If you didn't change your attitude what would happen?

9. What is it that I need to do now in order to enjoy life the way it is?

10. Will it be worth it?

11. What will I lose?

12. What will I gain?

13. What are all the positive outcomes if I do not create change? (There's always a positive, even when we perceive something as negative).

I had a huge 10 year goal until recently. After I jotted down all the positive outcomes if I didn't pursue my dream, I sighed with relief. It was much better for me and the family, not to have this particular outcome.

Change can be challenging and scary. What was known before becomes outdated, friendships are outgrown, new ones are formed, and if things were comfortable previously, now it's time to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Adjustment takes time. Learning to access inner peace can take time too.

Some people fully immerse themselves in the change process, whereby others may take a little while longer and that's ok too. It's different for each of the six billion people on this planet.

May change in whatever form you choose bring you success and abundance in all things great and wonderful.

Michaela is a Transformational Coach, certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), writer and Metaphysician who is totally committed to helping others create positive and action oriented changes to their lives (see

Michaela is the author of several e-books including Book of 10 Colour Meditation Scripts and publisher of a monthly newsletter called From My Desk.

Married to David, Michaela has two children and a grandchild and currently lives in Brisbane Australia.


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