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Everyday People Are Accomplishing Their Dreams - Now Its Your Turn!

If you can do anything in this time in your life what would you do?

I mean the sky is the limit. You have all the money you need, your bills are all paid and right now you have the opportunity to do whatever you want. What would be your choice?

I remember watching a show on the Discovery Channel about people who are nominated to receive approximately $3,000 to accomplish whatever goal they wish to aim for. I remember, on one show, a man wanted a place to train inner city youth in the sport of Boxing.

He was also given so much time to spend the money and make things happen. What did this guy do? Well, first, he did not know that he was going to have this opportunity. He most likely woke up and did his usually morning routine and made a few decisions about what he was going to do for the day.

However, when the TV host showed up and told him he was nominated to make his dream come true, he stopped what he was doing and started taking action.

He called every place that sells Boxing equipment in his area. He was asking for donations, negotiating prices, and letting people know what he was doing. Now his dream was to give the inner city youth something positive to focus on rather than causing trouble. This was his dream and now he was taking action and running full force.

Now, did he need to win this nomination to make his dream come true? No! He could have made a list of all his contacts, informed them of his dream and the positive impact he wanted to make on his community and ask for their support. Some would have jumped on board, and then he would have had more contacts to contact. That is how things are done. But how long has this man been waiting to make his "dream" come true? I don't know, but it looks like he was only willing to believe in his dream once he had what he thought he needed, which was the money. However, the money is not what he needed, he needed the belief that his dream could come true and that he could get it done.

Most people are looking for the money before they actually begin to see their dreams come true. With that limiting belief, the money will never come, and another dream will go down the drain.

Is that what you are waiting for? The money, the perfect time, the right season, the right year? The only time is NOW. Now is the time to take action. Most people don't know what the first step is. They are stuck in an oscillating attitude and are unable to make a clear decision.

This is where a coach can come in and help you. A coach can help you see the possibilities and options that are right in front of you and that you may not even see. If you are still reading this, then may be you are ready to accomplish that dream. Are you ready?

Anthony Treas is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and Writer. He is the President of Activate Your Potential Institute, dedicated to helping young adults, and individuals to reach new levels of their full potential. For more information visit: Activate Your Potential Institute


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