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Make the Eat and Earn Connection

If you've ever thought about wanting to increase your physical energy and wouldn't mind increasing your financial as well, you have to read this right now!

Focus #1 - Name Your Hunger/Want/Desire/Achievement

? You know what you want to change better than anyone else. It is that nagging voice in the back of your head that speaks to you every time you go against it (i.e. when you find yourself at the fridge when you aren't hungry or spending money that you don't have)

? Give it Daily Attention. This doesn't mean to be sure that you feel BAD everyday about something you don't have. Instead, once you really declare what you WANT, you need to give time in the morning, evening?anytime that you can to focus on everything you ARE doing to bring this change about.

? Believe. This is a key ingredient for success, people. You must recognize the role you play in creating your own life. If you have been spending the majority of your time telling yourself what you can't do, it is time to shift that focus to what you can do.

Focus #2 - Feed Yourself Well

? Change Habits. This is what I call finding "A New Family Recipe". It is about letting go of the things in our lives that are not serving us, but that we feel committed to out of loyalty to our families (i.e. - The Smith family ALWAYS has dessert!). This is absolutely one of the most difficult things to do. So, you have to bring yourself back to giving attention to shifting your beliefs. You can still love your family and NOT eat dessert every day.

? Your Physical Fuel. Give real strong attention to what you use as fuel for your body, your day, your life. It isn't about playing games with yourself, making trade offs (cookies today, gym tomorrow) or just "eating less". It is about bringing in strong sources of EnergyRich foods - whole, high vitamin, up and outward energy food. Prepare yourself for this journey called your life.

? Your Brain Fuel. This is about choosing your life, not just letting it happen to you. It requires making decisions, setting goals and creating plans. It is about answering the question, What do I want? Then writing down some thoughts on paper for the month, next 3 months and 1 year ahead. You want to pull yourself into your future, not just wade through each day. We get one go-around this lifetime.

Focus#3 - Invest

? Nothing comes from extremes. Take what you want to change and try it for one day: i.e -one day of no sugar. The day will end and you will have had the experience. You can make your choice of how to proceed from there.

? Value mistakes. You have so much to learn from what didn't work. Make a note of it; don't beat yourself up and then don't do it the next time around.

? GIVE. This doesn't mean put everyone and everything in front of yourself and lose yourself as a result. It means to NOT give into the fear of "not enough". It is instead about recognizing that there is enough for you and then others. Money is an energy exchange. Withholding, hoarding etc. keeps this energy from moving. It also keeps toxins in, weight on, and ailments from healing.

Think about all of it ...

To Your Health and Success, Heather

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