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The Power You Possess

What you need to understand is that there is no barrier to what is possible. It doesn't matter what it looks like. Everything that you desire is possible. Everything! The force of creation that you possess allows you to create anything you desire even though it doesn't exist as yet. You possess the power and no one can take it away from you. The force of creation is working within you at all times creating your life from your beliefs. Your beliefs affect your attitude, actions and your results.

For you to give up on your dream is dumb because no one else can create them for you.

You are the creator. You create your life. You are in the drivers seat. You make the choices. And you enjoy the rewards or suffer the consequences of your creations.

What are you creating? What tools of creation that were given to you are you using? Are you using them to their fullest potential to benefit your life?

What are your beliefs? Are you holding strong to the fact that you are the creator and there is nothing that can stop you? Do you really believe that?

Believe this:

You are the creator. God gave you the powers and permission to experience reality on this physical earth in a physical body and you have everything that it takes to create anything you want. You possess the powers. You are the creator. All that is needed for you to create things on this physical plane is for you to desire it strong enough so that it presses through to this physical plane.

If you were purely spirit (with no body) you'd have anything instantly with just one thought, because once you conceive it in your mind then it becomes a reality. All thoughts are 100% reality on the spiritual realm, but the physical plane slows things down and causes it to take time to manifest. To get it from a spiritual plane to a physical plane takes focus. Focusing your energies will bring forth any spiritual reality unto the physical realm. For you to doubt is to negate your desire. Fear will negate your desire. You need to keep that in mind.

Once you dream it, it exists.

Once you focus on the dream it becomes reality on the physical plane.

The choice is yours.


I will not doubt and I will not fear. The power is mine.

Maren Cruickshank

Maren desires to help as much people as possible create the life of their dreams, to step out of mediocrity and into a life of greatness. She specializes in teaching about the power of thought and character building for a better life. To find out how she can help you turn dreams into reality visit


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