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Why These Berkeley Scientists Were Baffled!

Breakthrough Scientific Research on the Amoeba And Why You Must Know This!

I know this sounds incredible but you must read this. It happened last night at about 1:00 AM EST. I was making the hour drive home after meeting my friend Dave. We have been meeting together over the last couple of weeks to watch the NBA championship round. Yes? I am still recovering from the loss! Dave and I have been Pistons' fans our entire lives.

As I was driving home through the country roads with the windows and sunroof open and the sounds of country music being played by the myriads of insects in the choir, I was listening to some incredible research on the radio. It comes from the laboratories of the University of Berkeley in California. Just recently a study completed here has dumbfounded the scientific community. And it speaks very clearly to you?especially to you and me who want to create successful products and build a cash-cow business. Here is what is unbelievable... The object of incredulity for these Berkeley scientists? A Petri dish with amoeba. That's right!

Now if you don't know what amoeba are, I suggest you take an introductory science course or you can believe my definition! Ameoba are one-celled organisms, so tiny they require the use of electron microscopes to study them properly. They are some of the simplest created creatures on our planet.

And here's the research. Follow along because the application for you is incredible.

The Berkeley scientists created the perfect environment for the amoeba?.probably some Krispie Kremes, rootbeer and perhaps some candy floss (well, that would be my perfect environment!). Not sure what the scientists deemed as perfect but guess what!!! The amoeba living in perfect "amoeba surroundings" died! That's correct. They simply died.

The Berkeley Scientists Were Shocked!

The researchers concluded that based on this finding, all living creatures require an environment that is less than optimal. In other words, an environment that poses some risks to the amoeba is the best way for amoeba to flourish.

And this includes all living organisms. Now Here's What the Ameoba Experiment Tells You You require a hostile and less than optimum environment for you to truly flourish. Let's think about your own business as an author or as someone who has information products/services that you exchange for money in the market place.

And this probably applies to you right now.

Many people I speak with, including some of my clients, expect success to fall in their laps. They expect an optimum environment for success. However, for those of you who have been in business for any length of time, you know this is just not a fact.

You probably struggle with issues of getting an idea into the market place. You probably fret over how to drive traffic to your website. You perhaps even lie awake at night planning the newsletter you want to write and how to convert it into cash flow in your business.

Guess What?

These problems are great! This is where your greatness resides. In the face of adversity. In the grips of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt. Your character is molded here.

You will develop best in the midst of adversity. When others say you "can't." When others say, "Who are you to do that?" When others expect you to fail and shout, "But you gave up a great pension as an educator!"

Be careful of how you view success.

One of my pet peeves is business owners who feel the need to brag about their purchases in their newsletters. As if success is defined by material status. Now, don't get me wrong?material things are great?but they should not be the defining reason as to why you are in business. Nor do I think it is very professional to do so.

If success was defined as the material things in our lives, we would grow to be lazy creatures. We would waste away our lives. We would end up just like the amoeba in the Petri dishes in the laboratories at the University of Berkeley California. Dead! So?keep growing. Keep putting yourself in hostile territories?because this is where dreams are tested, where perseverance puts value into the market place, and where the character of a true champion is born.

Glenn Dietzel, a former Vice Principal with Two Post-Graduate Degrees, replaced his income and his wife's income with a proven, breakthrough system he created. He now teaches his clients how to replicate his proprietary program. Glenn is founder and President of Awaken The Author Within ( Glenn also provides keynotes, seminars, workshops, teleseminars, and bookcamps(TM), as well as being known as an international speaker. In addition, he also consults entrepreneurs and business owners on how to successfully create a digital product and then build an online business that produces consistent, multiple streams of income. For additional information about Awaken The Author Within or in regards to Glenn Dietzel please email or call # 519-542-3043.


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