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Mirror, Mirror

The Concept of Beauty

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who's the most beautiful of them all?"

This is a line spoken by the Queen in the children's fairy tale "Snow White"

The Queen most likely, was once the most beautiful woman in the kingdom; expected only to hear the Mirror confirm that fact.

To the Queen's dismay The Mirror had exchanged her beauty for that of Snow White's He pulled down the Queen's Beauty position replacing it with that of her Snow White's.

Immediately, jealousy reared it's ugly head, causing the Queen to begin her all consuming quest of getting rid of innocent Snow White.Set in today's age that Mirror would very well become television, magazines, internet and the modeling agencies behind them.

Beauty is not so much a look as it is an action.For if beauty was a look then the same model would be Queen of television, magazines, and internet forever and only to be replaced with a clone of Queen Model.

In my time it was Farrah Fawcett and Bo Derek at the top of the list. Many women copied just about everything about them. From hairstyle to toenail polish women all across America, wanted to mimic these two Super Models.

What is wrong with copying a style or look you admire, not anything as long as you don't allow it to all consume you to the point that you too, are drastically changing your physical looks every time the Mirror says "This is NOW what we call beauty."

Beauty is not a look but an action. The simple act of carrying yourself in a wonderful way can make you feel beautiful.

Here is another action you can practice in your quest of beauty.

At least once a day look into a mirror place a decisive smile on your face and say very simply:

"Beautiful!" and know, that no matter how you feel you are describing yourself! Over a period of time not only will you begin to feel beautiful. You will also ,begin to see things about your physical self in a much better light and begin to compliment yourself.

In transition as you will you feel more beautiful. You will hold your head higher and have a more graceful walk. Don't think others won't notice, they will!

I wrote this article especially for Body By Baby EZine Subscribers, because the concept of beauty is often lost to women who have became mothers.

Bringing forth a brand NEW LIFE is usually accompanied by extra weight. We as a society must embrace the childbearing body before, during and after pregnancy.

If I may boldly borrow from the Ezine. The body that encompass and nourish a child should be "Treasured as a One of a Kind Work of Art. Sculptured not by hands but by the delicate development of new life!"

I want to apologize to all women who has NOT felt beautiful due to media's concept of beauty.No one or no thing should ever make a person feel that they are lacking in any area of self worth, for the BIBLE says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

The next time you look into a Mirror don't ASK it if you're beautiful! TELL IT YOUR'RE BEAUTIFUL!

Terri Wells

Terri Wells

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