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What Will It Cost You?

What will it cost you if you don't do it?

Everyone has a secret dream that they nourish in their hearts.

Yet many of these dreams never emerge beyond mere wishful thinking.

I'd like to challenge you to consider what will happen if you don't unwrap your dream and let it fly free in the world.

Perhaps you're afraid, or comfortably numb, or confused about how to make your dream come true.

So, naturally, you just keep putting it off, letting it become unreal, and letting it slip into the mists of oblivion.

But what will it cost you if you don't fulfill your dream or make an effort at it?

What will it cost you if you don't quit that job that you hate, break away from that suffocating relationship, or continue to let your waistline expand and your self-esteem to plummet? What will it cost you if you don't resolve whatever is heartbreakingly wrong with your world? What will it cost you emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and even physically?

Are you paddling your canoe toward Niagara, waiting for some passing angel to pull you over to the shore before you plunge over the edge?

Often it seems safe not to act.

Yet this is possibly the most dangerous thing that you can do.

Apathy and inertia, routine and conformity, indifference and resistance-these are the weeds slowly devouring the secret treasures buried in the garden of your heart.

How much longer will you tolerate the unlived life, the unmanifested destiny, the discarded hope, the abandoned vision?

Time is passing; your life force is ebbing away. How many more seasons must come and go, before you realize that your life is much more than you've been daring to express?

Seize the dream, my friend, before time and tide steal away your life.

What will it cost you, if you don't decide, don't act, and don't manifest your particular vision in the world? How much more pain can you stand before you seize the day?

Imagine, alternatively, what it would be like to achieve success!

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Saleem Rana got his masters in psychotherapy from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, Ca., 15 years ago and now resides in Denver, Colorado. His articles on the internet have inspired over ten thousand people from around the world. Discover how to create a remarkable life

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