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Why Must We Find Truth:

Finding truth can be a very difficult task. We are processing data constantly with news from TV, radio and newspapers. Our government is very creative, daily, in their processing of information that manipulate our opinions in order to pass their agenda. We are bombarded with lies, half-truths, and deceptions from around the world in the name of winning our hearts and minds. Finding truth is a very difficult task, but, if we are to enjoy more peace and freedom it is a task that we must continue.

Success will come when we have a set of truths that are aligned with Universal Law. With this success will come a set of truths that we can utilize with full confidence that our actions will have a positive result. When we take action based on these truths our actions will create more prosperity, joy, peace, and love. Truth aligns us with Universal Law. When we are aligned with Universal Law we know exactly what to expect when we think or act. In Universal Law cause and effect is always in balance. Very few think of finding truth as a task in itself. From birth people have been taught what they need to know from parents, teachers, clergy, politicians, and friends. Most of their actions are based on logic that is learned from the people in their environment. Is the logic based on truth. Most likely it is not. Much of our logic is based on myth.

Myths have served as the accepted truth after being applied over generations. Many have been made into physical law by a consensus. These myths act to mask the absolute truth underlying Universal Law. Most people leave the search for truth to professionals and officials. When these leaders make an announcement about an issue, their followers generally accept it as truth. Too often the acceptance of the announcements as truth is not based on an alignment with a Universal Law, but, rather as an emotional show of support for their leader. Over time, over generations that announcement, whether mere manipulation or truth is accepted as the gospel by the faithful. Many people, therefore, have given up one of their birthrights - to create freedom to grow to a greater awareness about human existence. However, at any time anyone can choose again and decide to seek and find truth. There are methodologies for finding truth that are free of the influence of others. One methodology is presented in this newsletter.

Methodology: How to Seek and Find Truth

To seek and find truth requires that we communicate within rather than without. When we communicate outside, with other people, truth is always watered down by differing perceptions, consensus, and compromise. People have different understandings. In a perfect world with perfect beings the methodology is very simple. We quiet our mind. We close our eyes. We focus our thoughts within. We ask a question? We let go of the question. We open our eyes and we continue our day's activity. We observe our surroundings. Over time, we see the answer to our question in some occurrence in our surroundings. We may be directed to a new book. We may hear from a friend. Each question is answered through some sign. Each answer leads us along a path. More questions lead us further down our path. However, to reach a very effective level using this methodology there is much work that we must do to remove the impediments and obstacles that we have built to block our path. The methods that have been proposed to clear the blockages that restrict our advancement can be divided into Eastern and Western philosophies. Most philosophies are based on the principle that our beliefs, emotions, and thoughts act as filters that obstruct the answers and the truth we seek. They serve as blockages to the energy that would propel us to fulfillment. Our methodology to clear filters is a mix of Eastern Philosophy and Western Philosophy. Eastern Philosophy focuses on the flow of energy in the body. Western Philosophy focuses on the quality of thoughts in the mind created by the beliefs we hold in our minds.

The Eastern Philosophy discusses the flow of earth and spirit energy through the seven charkas. The seven charkas are centers of energy placed along the trunk and head of our bodies with the first chakra at the base of the trunk and the seventh chakra at the top of the head. The chakras are like small waterwheels processing energy in two directions. Earth energy is processed up from the earth through the root chakra to the seventh chakra and out the top of the head. Spirit energy is processed in through the top of the head, down through the root chakra and out of the body. The energy flows from these to every cell in our minds and bodies. The energy is a healing and nutritional energy that provides all we need. to sustain life. We may increase and direct that energy by meditating and focusing on its passage from the source. How open we are to the energy determines the strength of its flow.

The Western Philosophy discusses the thought process and its impact on the flow of energy in our life's experience. Our minds act as a filter to the passage of energy. Our minds are much more than the brain and nervous system. The mind is all things. The mind is one and connects each of us and all things to the source of energy. Our beliefs affect our thoughts, and our thoughts affect our feelings. These create filters to the type of energy that we are able to process. To achieve our desires, which are physically represented through positive feelings within us, we must find the beliefs and truths that allow our desires to manifest. Beliefs that are felt negatively are to be let go through forgiveness of their cause. There is always a very easy check on the quality of thoughts that we are processing. That check is asking ourselves 'What is the feeling in my gut?'. If we are processing thoughts that are aiding our true honest desires we have a good feeling in the gut. If we process thoughts that are abetting our true honest desires we have a bad feeling in the gut. When you feel that bad feeling it is a clear signal to examine your current thoughts and change them to positive thoughts.

Too often we make no progress because our thoughts balance each other. For instance, we have a thought about taking a trip to an exotic island. Great! But, then we begin to have thoughts about the money that we need to take this trip. We begin to think we can not afford the trip. Our feelings turn negative. We have negated the thoughts that would have moved us forward. The trip never happens.

Progress can be made beginning with either the Western Philosophy or with the Eastern Philosophy. In time, practice of one will begin to overlap with the philosophy of the other. All things are one. All truth leads to the same source. As you clear blockages to the flow of Universal Energy, and as you begin to manifest your desires large and small, your understanding of the need for truth in your life will grow!

About Us:

Our newsletters are our means to reach out to others who are in search of basic truth. This search began almost 30 years ago with one question: How can we balance our lives? The summary of the answer to this question was compiled in a book titled 'Creating Your Personal Journey'. The book was published in 1996. The search has continued as we adapt to a new question: What is the truth? We are guided by the thought that, 'The best way to learn anything is to teach it.

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