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How to be Successful in Life or Small Business!

Not everyone is programmed to be a successful businessperson, many people make it but many more fail along the way.

A large part of your future success will depend on your P.A.D.

That's your Passion, your Attitude and your Desire, these three things will be more important than anything else in achieving your success.

You must approach what you do with Passion, a positive Attitude and the Desire to reach your end goal at all cost, take away any one of these three elements and your chances of succeeding are lessened dramatically.

Pick what you have a Passion for doing and turn it into a business because doing what you love ensures that your business does not become just another job but something that you wake up too full of energy and ready to go.

Finding your Passion in life will not on its own guarantee success, therefore, approach everyday with a positive Attitude that you can and will succeed, of course, there will be times when self doubt and outside influences shake your confidence but don't dwell on these but move forward and find and think of ways to turn the negatives into positives and with this positive Attitude, you'll move mountains.

The same applies to Desire, it is a must that you Desire the end result of all your efforts, no use hoping or praying that you will be a success, you must ache with DESIRE to achieve, anything less and failure is not far away.

I know an extremely successful businessperson who on first meeting comes across as someone with a negative attitude towards himself, saying his lazy, doesn't plan and generally unorganised, however, speak with him about how he started his business, how his business is currently operating and where he pictures himself in the future and he takes on an overwhelming positive Attitude and his Desire to achieve and let nothing get in his way is infectious to listen too, especially as he tells you about what he loves to do and his turned this Passion into a multi million dollar business.

These three qualities can never be underestimated, if you don't find and live your Passion, approach it with and have a positive Attitude, plus have an overwhelming DESIRE to achieve, then you better think twice before going any further with your business dream because you can't learn these three qualities you MUST have them as part of your makeup, otherwise, you'll remain average, not successful.

Garry Munro is a successful consultant, speaker, & coach in the area of self-development. Based in Sydney Australia he runs his own business "Minds Alike" and works with small business owners and individuals assisting them to set & achieve their goals.

You can visit his blog site at


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