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How to Play to Your Strengths

Are you clear on your unique qualities, talents and personal strengths? And what's more do you centre your life around these gifts?

You're busy, trying to be a good worker, colleague, partner, parent, friend and neighbour; you've been brought up with parents and peers ideals, educated well, maybe have a religious background, and perhaps a little of your past behaviour might been influenced by something you saw on TV or in a movie.

In fact, maybe? just maybe? and you're not alone here? some of your thinking and behaviour belongs to what others have told you to think or feel in any given situation.

In fact, it is highly likely that other people might influence a large chunk of your life. Maybe you followed a career path based on your father telling you it made good career sense or because you'd earn a lot of money; maybe because everyone else drinks tea or coffee or beer you do the same, even when the taste doesn't excite you; and maybe you buy certain brands of food because an advertisement makes it look good.

What am I saying here? I'm saying it is easy to be steered down one path, then another, then another, and then before you know it, "BANG" you're in the middle of a forest, cut off from your original path, and have no idea how to get back on the right trail. On a journey we call this being lost. In life we end up calling it something else.

When we get lost on our path we say we got disillusioned. But if we get disillusioned surely that must mean we had an original illusion in the first place, (because if we didn't have an illusion, how could we become dis-illusioned).

It's a fact that many teenagers through to twenty-seven year olds are already disillusioned with life, disconnecting from life with behavioural change like attention deficit disorders and by using gaming stations, DVDs and in some cases drugs. In older generations the same disconnection is manifesting in other ways, stress, sick notes from work, anxiety and depression.

In my understanding we come to this life with a purpose.

Life = Active principle of living things and movement

Purpose = Thing intended

But what happens is life - education, religion, friends, family, TV, work - all lead you away from this purpose or illusion, until you become disillusioned. It is only then, in disillusionment, that you begin to find your true self.

You are furthest from your true illusion when you lose the concept that you have unique qualities, talents and personal strengths and when you don't centre your life on these gifts.

Teenage and early adult behaviour problems and the issues of later generations begin to disappear the moment you live in alignment with 'YOUR PURPOSE.'

Love and best wishes,

Jo Ball
p.s. Happiness comes in through doors you forgot you left open

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