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Finders Keepers

Do you remember your younger years when you and your friends played all sorts of fun games all day long? I'm sure you do. If there is one thing children know how to do, they know how to have fun.

Have you ever caught yourself observing a playground full of children having tons of fun as they run and jump and bounce all over the place and silently wished you could inject a dose of that childlike enthusiasm and exuberance back into your life once again? Well you can, when you believe you can.

If life is about any one thing, it is about being happy and feeling fulfilled. We can start living the lives we have always dreamed about as soon as we believe we can do it and more importantly, believe we deserve it.

Far too many adults in America have far too little fun and that is indeed a needless shame. If your life could use a little more fun, excitement and happiness (who's life couldn't?), you might want to consider playing a little game of "finders keepers."

You need to find the courage to live the life you have always dreamed about. The courage is there, you just need to rediscover it and put it to work for you. You need to once again find the magic that once made your life so very special as a child. These extraordinary, almost mystical powers are still hidden inside of you, you simply need to unleash them once again.

You need to find your unique place in life, that distinctive niche that enables you to be your best and do your best. When you begin passionately pursuing those activities that you love to do, you'll find your special niche waiting for you.

There are plenty of good times and good things waiting to happen to you, you just need to open up ... and let them happen. Once you find all of the fun, happiness and excitement life has to offer, you need to make certain that you keep these magical moments close to your heart. Wherever and whenever you find something worth keeping, you need to grab it with every ounce of strength you can muster and then hold on tight and never let it go. Find it and keep it -- what a super strategy for success!

Find something positive ... and keep it. Find something exciting ... and keep it. Find it - keep it. Find it - keep it.

You will uncover new opportunities, discover new horizons and have more fun than you ever imagined was possible when you play a little game of finders-keepers every day for the rest of your life.

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Greg is President of the Motivational and Inspirational Corner, a motivational and inspirational web-site committed to helping people uncover and realize their enormous God given potential. His web-site address is


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